Drive in Style in the 2020 Ford Fusion

We've been providing good vehicles to Center Line, MI for some time. We have been able to get people into vehicles that match their needs, and this is something we are proud of. It all starts with the model, and the 2020 Ford Fusion is a desirable vehicle. It does have all the perks you'd expect and more, so let's talk a little bit about that.

A Quick Overview

The 2020 Ford Fusion is one of the vehicles that have captured our imaginations. This is thanks to some of the great features it has, and those features make it the perfect sedan for driving around Center Line.

The Fusion is no longer just a popular Ford model but is also a powerful one that comes in eight different trims. It comes with several powertrain options. One of the most popular is the plug-in hybrid powertrain that comes in the Plugin Hybrid Titanium trim, which can give you up to 109 miles per gallon on the highway, thanks to the plugin technology.

The hybrid powertrains can produce less CO2 emissions, which effectively reduces your carbon footprint. That is something to be happy about if you care about the environment. The more traditional engine you can find with the S trim has a regular powertrain, but it is still a good performer that gives you up to 31 miles per gallon, which is commendable.


There is a lot to be said about the Fusion's performance. It all starts with the powertrain chosen. The powertrain in the S trim is going to give you up to 31 miles per gallon, which is due to the 2.5-liter Duralec I-4 engine. There are also two eco-boost gas-powered engines: one is 1.5-liter and the other is 2.0-liter. Thanks to the eco-boost and turbocharge feature on these two engines, you can expect a lot of power with respectable fuel efficiency.

Of course, these cannot be compared to the hybrids we talked about earlier, but they are not too bad. The transmission is automatic, and the powertrain is state of the art on these vehicles, so the responsiveness is impressive.


The exterior is quite stylish, and it comes in that signature Fusion design. You can expect to turn heads as people will want to look at your sporty yet classical vehicle.

The aerodynamic design allows for many curves that make the vehicle look much bolder, and that is a good thing because the Fusion is here to make a statement, and that is easier when the vehicle is designed well. The vehicle does have eight color choices for you.


There is a lot to love in the interior of this vehicle, like the heated steering wheel or the strategically designed window pattern that lets as much natural light in as possible. It should be pointed out that the seats were designed for comfort, and the premium fabric used adds softness to each seat. The vehicle is roomy enough to seat five people comfortably, no matter where you are in this vehicle.


The technology in the vehicle comes in many forms, like the safety tech. There is the blind spot sensor that tells you if there is a vehicle in your blind spot before merging into another lane. This could potentially save your life and the life of others. There is also good entertainment value here, like software that makes it easier to connect smart devices to your vehicle so that you can play your playlists on your adventures.

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These are just some reasons we think the 2020 Ford Fusion may be right for you. Look through our inventory and schedule a test drive as soon as you feel ready. We look forward to working with you soon!

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