Ford Mustang for Sale in Center Line MI

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You can probably already picture what the ride in the Ford Mustang will be like: Turning heads as you ride around Center Line, Michigan. Hearing the engine roar to life as you accelerate along the highway and gripping the steering wheel as you enjoy great control and handling around the back roads.

All that is left to do is turn that picture into a reality, and here at Crest Ford, we are ready to help you do just that. See how you can get started right here on our website!

The Legacy of the Ford Mustang

It was April 1964. The New York World's Fair was taking place, and Ford introduced everyone to their new muscle car-the Ford Mustang. With the announcement at the press conference, then ads shown on TV to millions of viewers, the buzz was created.

Within a matter of months, thousands of Mustang cars were sold. Eventually by 1966, the one millionth Mustang was making its way off the assembly line. The excitement that surrounded the first generation still exists for Ford Mustang lovers today.

That excitement is fed by its distinctive style, fast-paced maneuverability, and financial practicality. The latest edition of the Mustang offers a modern design that is blended with its timeless heritage. It also is able to crank out more than 750 horsepower for the exhilarating performance it has come to be defined by. With the latest innovations added, it helps enhance everything, from your safety to your entertainment.

Browse Our Inventory Online

We also look to help make it easy for you to find the Mustang you've been looking to get. That starts with giving you a look at our inventory, from wherever you may be. With our selection of Mustang vehicles listed on this page, you can browse right on your phone and start to narrow down your selection.

While we may have a couple Mustang options available, you'll even be able to use the helpful filters we provide to ensure the one you pick is the best match for you. That includes choosing the color you prefer, trim level you want, or just the engine configuration you'd like to have.

Finance Your Mustang Online Too!

You can also continue your car-buying journey online after you have found the Mustang you want. With our Express Store, you can build your own financing plan right then and there!

You can see what payment options you have and adjust the terms of your lease or loan to your personal preferences. You can also get a trade-in offer if you are looking to sell the car you drive now.

With your financing all set up, you can complete the process by applying for credit and uploading your documentation. After that, you'll be all set to go ahead and schedule a time for delivery. We will then bring your Mustang to your home and can help show you how to set up specific features.

Shop for Your Ford Mustang Today

Check out our inventory now and see which Ford Mustang vehicles we have for sale! Be sure to visit us at Crest Ford for a test drive and to learn more about the various configurations and trim levels of the Mustang, so you can determine which one you'd like to take out on the roads of Center Line, MI.