Oil Change in Center Line MI

When you're looking for great service for an oil change in Center Line, MI, let us introduce you to the expert team at Crest Ford. They've got the latest in automotive technology to make your oil change a snap. We've written up this guide showing the importance of getting an oil change while also highlighting a few signs that precede one for you to watch out for.

Why Should I Get an Oil Change?

While there are several different reasons to get an oil change, the simplest reason is that it is a key element in your vehicle's maintenance schedule. By staying on top of your oil's health, you are taking an active role in helping to prevent future issues from developing. With this foresight, you'll be able to assess the health of your vehicle much faster than if you took a lax approach. In the next section, we'll discuss some signs that might appear due to being lax about oil health.

As a team, we believe that having access to your owner's manual is an essential element to success. Inside, you'll find the maintenance schedule that'll tell you which at which milestones an oil change is needed. We understand that not all drivers have such access, but you can keep abreast of things by physically inspecting your oil at least once a month. You'll want it to be a translucent amber color with little to no particles floating around in it.

What Are Some Signs That I Need an Oil Change?

When your oil does turn bad, there are going to many sighs alerting you to the fact. Perhaps the most immediate and recognizable is right there on the dash. When you see the check oil light illuminated, it generally means that one of two possible errors has occurred. There might not be enough oil in the system for it to be working properly and you need a refill. On the other hand, it could mean that your oil needs to be changed. In this case, we again encourage you to physically inspect your oil.

When driving, your engine might make a significant amount of noise. However, what is more important to pay attention to is the volume. As oil is there to help prevent metal parts inside the engine from scrapping together, when you hear the volume of your engine increase, this can signify that your oil has begun to fail. Bring in your vehicle for service before too much damage occurs.

A natural course of order is that your car is going to produce some unpleasant smells. What you need to keep aware of is when those smells become distinctly oily. When you begin to notice them, plumes of smoke from under the hood are not too far behind either. In this case, we encourage you to bring the vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

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Now that you've found an oil change near Center Line, Michigan, it's time to act. When you see yourself heading towards an oil change, make sure to schedule it with us at Crest Ford!

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